Big night for PR professionals

I was delighted to accept the award for International Consultancy of the Year at the PR Week Awards in London last night. It was a great night for me and my team, but also for the whole industry, and the best organised celebration of our collective great work and profession in the UK thanks to the leadership of new editor Ruth Wyatt and her team.

It was a great night for numerous agencies big, medium and small. It was a great night for my friends at GolinHarris who were named both Best Large Consultancy and Best Consultancy in recognition of their own bold transformation into a “new PR” agency.

It was a great night for some small and new consultancies, some of which many of us had not heard of before; for Manifest London, M&C Saatchi, Hope & Glory, Dynamo and many others.

It was a great night for senior women PRs in the boardroom with the Lifetime Achievement Award for Lucy Neville-Rolfe, and for young talent like Beth Murray from Lansons, named Young PR Professional of the Year. A great night for in-house teams at The Jockey Club, O2 Telefonica UK, The Royal Mail, Virgin Trains, SSE, Cancer Research UK etc.

It was a great night for recognising great work, great talent, great creativity and innovation which is the hallmark of the best work and thinking coming out of our thriving industry at this pivotal point. As PR professionals, whether a winner last night or not, we can be proud of the transformational work we are doing, the talent we are attracting, even if our industry doesn’t always attract the best headlines.

Usually the morning after a PR Week Awards we have a collective hangover. Today we can have a bit of a collective glow as well. This is a great business to be in, especially now given the opportunity PR has to extend its storytelling creative smarts further across the marketing and communications mix.

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