We need Art & Science in harmony in The Engagement Era

Two lines of comment have emerged on the Publicis Omnicom merger. (Three if you count all the comment on Sir MS’ shaken not stirred response.)

Firstly, does size matter? It may increase media buying clout but will it boost creativity?

Second, is this adland’s response to the inexorable rise of the West Coast big data giants?

My favourite media commentary was by Jerry Della Femina in the FT. He rightly argued that the “marketing is now more algorithm than Mad Men” line was wrong.

Efficiently targeted ads that are dull as ditchwater don’t work. Up their own backside creative campaigns that excite The Gutter Bar crowd but leave consumers cold don’t work either.

Creativity & efficiency is key. Art & science in perfect harmony. A great lesson for PR as it feels it’s way out of the shadow of advertising and out of the age of “stunts” and into the engagement, and engaging content, era.