Slogging Away

I talked to sixty PR hopefuls yesterday. I started off with a straw poll. Who was doing what in social. Pinterest scored lowest. Blogging was next lowest. This group of Gen Ys had however taken to LinkedIn with gusto, and of course Facebook and Twitter were a natch.

I can’t complain, though I am a digital immigrant in extremis and they are digital natives to the point of building this social media city with their bare hands.

Blogging is a pain in the ass. I mean, who has the time? Indeed, is time to blog – unless you run a think tank or a journalism school or you pay someone to write it for you – a sign of too much time on your hands (which in some areas of business means you will be out of a job come Xmas).

Don’t get me wrong. I would love to blog like I did in the old days. But I don’t have time to write it. People don’t have time to read it. And of the few who do, someone somewhere is going to object and I am in, er, PR.

I really admire people who do.

But I don’t. Shoot me.

My favourite social media platform for some time has been Twitter. I effing love it. So much live news and comment and insights and funnies and real engagement. So little time. Breaking news? Done. Garden gnome mugging an old lady? Snapped and tweeted.

But how much time do those of us brought up reading poetry and aspiring to be the new Ian McEwan spend editing our thoughts, insights and literary brilliance down to 140 characters. I remember writing haikus  in my youth and struggling  - they were a doddle compared to trying to sum up the state of the world in a few terse phrases.

So there has to be a happy medium. A place between snappy tweets and long opinionated blogs or pic festooned Pinterest. A place between the short and the blog. I am going to call it Slogging.

I am restarting here.